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    Marble sculpture by Chris Mitton is an anonymous bust of the contemporary garment:

    'Referencing the iconography of classical carved marble busts, Hoodie confronts the faceless stereotyping and politics of fear employed by sections of government and media, rather than their addressing issues behind the social exclusion and desire for self-exemption from society’.

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    Man, that photo of the dead soldier hits hard…

    My family had to leave belfast in the late 70s because one of my uncles was murdered by the IRA for having the gall the be both catholic and a member of HM armed forces. No time for independence types of any stripe, whether it’s the Irish or the Scots.

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    Rosie cheeked.

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  9. No, Pluto is not a planet, and never will be. There are very specific reasons why Pluto is not considered as one of the big boys Planets. Where do these people get their information?

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    Sequoia National Park

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    «Мужество». 1979 год. Фото: Вячеслав Смирнов.

    "The Courage", 1979. Photo by Vyacheslav Smirnov.

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    I found this little edit thing by accident and thought it was cool. Lines with curves.

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    There are Latin fonts designed to mimic Cyrillic, Asian characters, and many other scripts. What are some examples of foreign-script fonts which mimic Latin characters?

    Apparently Lay’s Potato Chips in Thailand uses a “Latinized” Thai font. Cool!

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    cargocollective.com/vcrs (by _vcrs)

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